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 With the old name Syuli kyoy, Dositeevo is part of Bulgaria since 1885. The name of the village is an employee of a local church arhimandrit Dositey. According to village folklore story is moved three places-first was the place, where is the dam. From there the road passed to the Turkish Treasury, which became the occasion to drive the Turks because of the attack on Treasury. The second village was in Yurteto ground,where existing cemeteries,in which the earliest grave is 1877. Turks and oppressed them there, and people moved to the site today,the first settlers here were Chukaltsite. Main occupation is agriculture and cattle-breeding.Of most agricultural crops are grown tomatoes, cucumbers, years, melons and wheat. Mild winter helps to spread the cultivation of a fig,pomegranate, sesame, etc. The village has long traditsiy in the wine sector.For several years, and was built in wine cellar in the village which produces wines from specific varieties of region:"Cabernet Sauvignon", "Merlot", and "Mavrud" and the new "Sirah" and "Côte Malbek". The village is connected with the town of Harmanli and Maritsa Motorway with the asphalt road. Offers conditions for rural,cultural-historical, fishing, wine, identification and cross-border tourism.

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