къща Доситеево
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Wine tourism

90 leva- first floor.
200 leva - the whole house

* The capacity of the house is 8 - 12 persons

Promotional packages from march to October

For reservations of 2 nights - 10% discount.
For reservations of 3 nights - 15% discount.
For reservations of 4 nights - 20% discount.
For reservations of 5 and more nights - 25% discount.

* If desired, guests can order breakfast from the local cuisine: oil, kartalatsi, cakes and more. Cost - 3 per person. Availability of options for preparing a whole lamb in the oven. Prices by negotiation.
* You can buy from local producers in the village other environmentally friendly foods prepared at home: vegetables, fruits, milk, cheese, eggs, honey and others. Prices vary according to season.
* Connoisseurs of wine tourism, tasting and shopping high quality wine, can visit several of our leading wineries in the area: Terra Tangra – Harmanli town, Villa Lyubimets – the town of Lyubimets, Castra Rubra – Kolarovo village, Malkata Zvezda – Balgarin village, and Maron – Dositeevo village. All the wineries are at a distance about 13 km or less from our house.
* Reservations are made with a fine amounting to 30 percent of the total amount and bank transfer or postal order.

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