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 The village of Mezek is located in the Eastern Rhodopes, province of Svilengrad. The tomb near the village of Mezek was the biggest domed tomb in Thrace, meant obviously for some master. It was built in the 4th c. BC, and was covered like all Thracian tombs with an enormous mound. Mezek is famous for the well-preserved medieval Mezek Fortress (Neoutzikon) and its two ancient Thracian beehive tombs, the Mezek and Sheynovets tombs.
The Neutzikon Fortress near the village of Mezek discovered unknown elements of its plan and corrected its dating. Its walls, surrounding an area of seven decares, were built from shattered stones soldered with white plaster.
The hill “Sheynovets”- it is impressive monument, note a fact the Balkan War – 1912- 1913. - start on this place. The village has a cellar own brand of wine - Mezek.

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Aleksandrovo tomb
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