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 House Dositeevo is situated 13 kilometers of Harmanli, 49 kilometers of Haskovo and 266 kilometers from Sofia. The house is 52 kilometers from the Turkish and 45 kilometers from the Greek border. Stay with us will enjoy of fresh air, beautiful scenery and delicious specialties, combined with local wines. The house is very suitable for holidays and family vacation during all seasons of the year. Both decares yard allow carefree playing of the horny children.
In the proximity of the localities in history,you will enjoy the exciting views of the ruins of Byzantine and Thracian sanctuaries and settlements. For fans of fishing Dositeevo dam and the mouth of the river Maritza river are 10 minutes way from the house. Pleasantly tired and for your relaxation we offer fiber refreshing massage in our Jacuzzi. Cool evenings may spend in the place for recreation in preparing dishes of oven.
Proximity of the motorway Maritza to the village of Dositeevo back 2 kilometers, allows travelers to and from Turkey and Greece to stay at rest house Dositeevo.
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