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Wine tourism
 Guest House "Dositeevo" is an appropriate choice for holiday throughout year. Villa "Dositeevo" is in the Village of Dositeevo, in south-west part of Sakar Mountain,in the valley of Maritza river near the Harmanly city, Haskovo district. Climate is characterized by dry and hot summer and mild winter. Proximity of Maritza river and Dositeevo dam enables the guests for fishing tourism. Connoisseurs of wine tourism, tasting and shopping high quality wine, can visit several of our leading wineries in the area: Terra Tangra – Harmanli town, Villa Lyubimets – the town of Lyubimets, Castra Rubra – Kolarovo village, Malkata Zvezda – Balgarin village, and Maron – Dositeevo village. All the wineries are at a distance about 13 km or less from our house.
In the vicinity of the villagе are the ruins of Thracian and Byzantine settlements and the old Roman road of Constantinople.One of the most interesting objects in the land of the village is Thracian sanctuary Hasarcheto or Koncheto. Also interesting are the sites and areas related to the history of the village- Stankovata kashta, Stankovata mandra and the place Milyuvoto konche. In the center of the village of Dositeevo is located St. Ivan Rilski church ,built in 1836 by master Kouzma, known for its authentic architecture and marble altar.
A true delicacy of rural kitchen are dositeevo kartalatsi - banitsa of dough without yeast with cheese, cooked on podnitsa. Together with the local wine, kartalatsite can feed everyone, decided to breathe in fresh air of Dositeevo.
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